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Introducing the Potty Heroes

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Potty Heroes is an interactive coloring book I created with the help of my brilliant illustrator, Rylee Lane. Potty heroes follows the adventure

s of Peeter and Poonelope as they set out on their mission to help children have healthy bladders and healthy digestion! Children color along with Poonelope and Peeter as they learn what healthy poop looks like, what poop is made of, how to eat to keep your poop healthy, what the digestive system is, how food becomes poop, how the bladder works, and much more! This book was a joy to create and I hope it helps empower the kiddos is your life about how to take care of their bodies and their health! Everybody pees and poops, so we should all know how it happens! Check out the full book description below.

Peeter and Poonelope were once kids just like

you until they took a magical journey to become potty heroes. Their journeys had many twists and turns, highs and lows, and ups and downs. But in the end, they each became strong and powerful! Why did they go on these magical journeys? Peeter and Poonelope weren’t always potty heroes. In fact, going to the potty used to be really difficult for them. Poonelope had really painful big poops that made her not want to go to the bathroom. She was scared and didn’t want it to hurt! Her bowel (where

her poop is) had so much trouble she even started to have some smearing on her undies. At first, Poonelope was really embarrassed. But, with the help of her doctor, a physical therapist, and her parents she was able to have healthy poops again. She has not had any smears for years. Good job, Poonelope! Peeter learned how to go to the potty really early, but then when he got older it was really hard for him to stop playing and go to the bathro

om. He was having so much fun! Over time, Peeter’s bladder started to leak when he wasn’t on the potty. Peeter was scared other kids would be able to smell his pee at school and make fun of him. He made the brave choice to talk to his parents and got help from his doctor and a physical therapist. Now, he knows how to keep his bladder healthy and his bladder only empties when he is on the toilet! Good job, Peeter! Peeter and Poonelope want you to know that becoming a potty hero is sometimes difficult and frustrating. They had to work hard, learn a lot, and they needed help along the way. But, in the end it was worth it! What does being a POTTY HERO mean? Being a

potty hero means that they know secrets to keeping their bowels (where your poop is) and their bladders (where your pee is) healthy. They want to share secrets of their magical journey with you so you can be a potty hero too! Come on!

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