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Potty Heroes Coloring Book

A fun and interactive coloring book to help kids get and stay interested in healthy pee and poop habits.

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Poonelope and Peeter are your Potty Heroes! Their mission is to take children of all ages on an interactive journey to learn how peeing and pooping work.


Your child will color along as Poonelope and Peeter teach them what healthy poop looks like, how poop becomes food, how the bladder works, why exercise and diet are so important for going to the bathroom, and much more!

The earlier we are exposed to informed and accurate information about toileting, the better our bowel and bladder health will be across the lifespan! I have spent my career working with children and adults who have toileting problems. Too often we discover issues that started much earlier than they thought because the individual didn't know what "normal" was!


The potty heroes set out to empower your children to know what healthy is and how to keep their bodies feeling great and working properly! Let's go!

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